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As the name implies “” is a cloud based tool to reserve and book marina berths. It also doubles as a marina management software.

The services offered by “” are:

  1.     Create Marina that is superimposed on google maps
  2.     Draw Berths from a predefined template
  3.     Manage Customers
  4.     Upload Documents (Unlimited number of documents to digitally store)
  5.     Follow-up on payments (Partial payments handling capability)
  6.     Enter Boat Insurance Details
  7.     Send Notifications (Both SMS & Email – 1,000 SMSs included free annually)
  8.     Publish Promotions (Google Ad Partner e.g. SEO Enabled)

Free updates & custom requests are included in the annual subscription for the marina management software.

We also offer value-added features such as turning a marina into a sales agent enabling the marina to generate an extra revenue stream even if they are operating at an optimum level.

We direct traffic from interested yacht/ boat buyers’ via “” to potential sellers.

Basically we facilitate the interaction between potential sellers in the marinas where the sellers’ yachts/ boats are located and if a sale is transacted both “” and the marina operator/ owner will have a share from the sales commission.

We have also added location-based services to showcase/ advertise and market companies that cater to the marine industry but might lack high visibility such as:

  •  Marine Schools
  •  Registration Authorities
  •  Marine Shops (Chandlery)
  •  Finance Institutions
  •  Fueling stations & Slip way locations
  •  Destination Marinas with daily Visits
  •  Marine Workshops
  •  Yacht Charters
  •  Time Share Companies

There are many other features that we are currently working on as well with the goal of ultimately turning into a one-stop shop for all your  marine needs.

Another interesting feature we have provided to member marinas is the option to publish promotions free of charge on “” homepage.

These promotions are SEO enabled which means that any google/ internet search related to those promotions will be directed to them on our home page effectively increasing their exposure without having to pay for it.

 We hope to be the most prominent marina management software in the world as well as be the boating enthusiast website of choice for all their marine services info needs.